#16 – Communicating with Preceptors – Jon, Kristin, Brad & Cassidy

Jon, Kristin, Brad & Cass sit down to talk about communicating with preceptors.  This talk will be helpful for SRNAs who are hitting the clinical environment for the first time.  This podcast was recorded during our anesthesia training and hopefully will give new SRNAs a student’s perspective on communicating with preceptors.

Topics discussed:

  • Importance of communication skills in the perioperative environment
  • How to prepare for clinicals
  • Tips for making pre-clinical phone calls to preceptors
  • The use of cell phones/electronic devices in the OR
  • Common questions preceptors ask students
  • Transitioning from day one of clinical to being a senior anesthesia student
  • Importance of being teachable, flexible, humble and thankful



By the way, the max dose of methylene blue is… 7-8 mg/kg.

“Methylene blue 1 to 2 mg/kg over 5 minutes (maximum dose, 7-8 mg/kg) reverses methemoglobinemia, but the patient should be monitored for the reoccurrence of symptoms” (Ouellette, 2011, p. 126).

And if you’re looking for the “smooth and in” video Cass eluded to, here it is.  To be honest, it’s pretty cheesy.  We were shown this video in the first weeks of anesthesia school and told that our goal was to be “smooth and in.”



Ouellette, R. G., & Joyce, J. A. (2011). Pharmacology for nurse anesthesiology. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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6 comments on “#16 – Communicating with Preceptors – Jon, Kristin, Brad & Cassidy
  1. Dane Bergeson says:

    Excellent podcast! Thanks! You mentioned a “top drawer run down” where can I find that?

    Thank you,

    Dane Bergeson SRNA

    • admin says:

      I haven’t created the top drawer run down yet… sorry! For now, it lives in pharmacology text books. Thanks for checking in, Dane! – Jon

  2. Sam says:

    Love this podcast, so helpful to the terrified student that starts clinicals in August (??). Just wanted to check in/beg for the top drawer run down, thanks!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment! Oh the top drawer run down! It’s going to be EPIC… meaning it’ll take some time for me to do it justice. I hear you and I do plan on a huge pharmacology series at some point but it may not be before you start in August! For now (and always) – study up! – Jon

  3. Corie says:

    Jon – same as the previous comments – looking forward to the top drawer podcast!! Any audio resources you have used before? I know I can hit the books but was just looking to listening to something during a long clinical drive. Thank You – Corie

    • admin says:

      I’d recommend EMCRIT and SMACC as quality podcasts that touch on clinical topics related to emergency medicine & critical care… you can find some pharmacology on both.

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