#18 – The Business of Freelancing – Jeremy Stanley, CFP

Jeremy Stanley, CFP, President and founder of CRNA Financial Planning-an AANA Member Advantage partner , joins the podcast to discuss the intricacies of freelancing. Jeremy has over 18 years of experience helping nurse anesthetists pursue financial success and is a sought after speaker and author of “The Wealthy CRNA.”

Topics Include:

  • Advantages/Disadvantages
  • options to structure your business
  • incorporation
  • how to find freelance opportunities
  • retirement saving options are all discussed.


  • Advantages: potentially higher hourly rate, scheduling flexibility, potential to save more for retirement, potential business expenses and possible tax deductions, more control over your practice
  • Disadvantages: must find own work opportunities (or have someone else do it for you), running your own business, cost considerations (incorporation filing fees, legal setup fees, professional insurances, current benefits
  • Differences in how you are paid (W2 vs. 1099): Payroll Tax, W2 deductions, Alternative Minimum Tax, 1099 Deductions
  • Various business structures: Sole Proprietorship, S-corporations, and LLC’s
  • Incorporation
  • Finding freelance work opportunities: anesthesia placement service, seek out and apply on job posting sites, develop relationships with facilities, groups, or individual surgeons, LinkedIn, contact CRNA Financial Planning
  • Retirement saving options: SEP IRAs vs SOLO 401k

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