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#22 – The Value of AANA Membership – Juan Quintana, CRNA, DNP, MHS & Kristie Hoch, APRN, CRNA, MSN

Jon caught up with Dr Juan Quintana, president of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, and Kristie Hoch, president of the Maine Association of Nurse Anesthetists, to chat about the value of being a member of the American Association of

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#18 – The Business of Freelancing – Jeremy Stanley, CFP

Jeremy Stanley, CFP, President and founder of CRNA Financial Planning-an AANA Member Advantage partner , joins the podcast to discuss the intricacies of freelancing. Jeremy has over 18 years of experience helping nurse anesthetists pursue financial success and is a sought after

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#14 – Anesthesia Care Models – Ian Hewer, MSN, MA, CRNA

Jon and Ian discuss the history and economics of anesthesia delivery models.  Ian overviews the various types of anesthesia care models, some of the historical context for the development of those models and explains how anesthesia providers can optimize the

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#8 – The Business of Anesthesia – Sandry Gaillard, MSN, CRNA

In this episode, Kristin and Sandry Gaillard, a CRNA who works independently at a critical access hospital in rural western North Carolina, sit down to discuss the business of anesthesia in terms of working as a 1099 employee verses a W2 employee.

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#7 Advocacy in Anesthesia – David Andrews, MHS, CRNA

In this interview, David Andrews, MHS, CRNA, sits down with Jon Lowrance to discuss the importance of CRNAs and SRNAs advocating for their profession through state and national associations. David is the current President of the Oregon Association of Nurse

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