#23 – Tips for the Job Hunt: How to Promote Yourself as a CRNA – Jon Bradstreet, MSN, CRNA

I sat down with Jon Bradstreet, MSN, CRNA to chat about how SRNAs and CRNAs can prepare for the job market.  Jon Bradstreet, MSN, CRNA is the Chief CRNA and Director of CRNA Services of Maine’s largest CRNA group and only level one trauma center, Maine Medical Center, in Portland, Maine.  In this episode we cover everything from Curriculum Vitae’s (CVs) to tips for interviews and the job hunt.  If you’re an SRNA wrapping up your anesthesia training or a CRNA considering a job move – check it out!

Key topics:

  • CV Preparation – what works and what’s fluff on your CV
  • When to and how to contact prospective employers
  • Tips for interviews including:
    • What chief CRNAs are looking for in your interview
    • Questions you should be asking in your interview
    • Things to consider doing and avoid doing in an interview
    • When to follow up on an interview
  • Tips for promoting yourself as a CRNA
  • Advice for how to prioritize important aspects of jobs including location, practice type, group culture, compensation packages and more
  • Advice for CRNA couples who are in the job hunt together

Parting words from Jon Bradstreet, MSN, CRNA:

“Have fun… we have a great profession and we have a great lifestyle.  We’re very lucky to do what we do for a living.  Always keep that in mind – how fortunate we are in this profession.  And then finally I think I would say listen to your gut.  It’s taken you very far in life already… don’t repress what it’s telling you as you’re in that interview.”


Maine Medical Center


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