#9 – Part 1 Combat Trauma Anesthesia – Dustin Degman, MSN, CRNA

Part 1: Combat Trauma Anesthesia with Dustin Degman, MSN, CRNA. In this interview, Jon sits down with Dustin Degman to discuss his role as a CRNA working at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Orgun-E in Afghanistan.

Dustin Degman, MSN, CRNA is an Associate Professor of Anesthesia at Western Carolina University works with AllCare Clinical Associates in Asheville, North Carolina as a CRNA.  He served Active Duty with the United States Air Force from 1998-2002 as a critical care nurse.  In 2010, he joined the Army Reserves as a CRNA.  Dustin was deployed in November 2012 to Forward Operating Base (FOB) Orgun-E in Paktika Province, Afghanistan where he was the sole anesthesia provider on a forward surgical team which provided damage control resuscitation to injured soldiers.  He has a special interest in trauma anesthesia and has served on trauma call teams in civilian centers as well as in his military service.  Many thanks to Dustin and the brave men and women who have served and serve in and with the United States Armed Services!

Combat Trauma Anesthesia

Part 1:  Key differences and challenges facing CRNAs serving in Forward Surgical Teams (FSTs) and managing combat trauma patients

Part 2:  Damage Control Resuscitation principles and particulars

Part 3:  Getting involved as a military CRNA and support our troops


Points discussed:

  • Basic overview of where Dustin was & his Forward Surgical Team (FST) set up
  • Overview of the types of patients and types of cases Dustin saw
  • Differences in patient care priorities and perioperative flow in a FST from civilian trauma centers:  triage, assessment, surgical & anesthesia goals and more.
  • FST team members and dynamics

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